Using mpq_t for aggregating currencies with wildly varying ranges

Donovan Hide donovanhide at
Thu Apr 17 16:28:10 UTC 2014

Thank you, that helps a lot! I think I might just do some straightforward
concatenating rather than fancy printf trickery. I guess this is what
happens when you read too much StackOverflow :-)


On 17 April 2014 17:09, <tg at> wrote:

> Donovan Hide <donovanhide at> writes:
>   gmp_sprintf(result,"0.%0*s",m-len+1,a->buf);
>   0.                          17
>   and I get whitespace instead. Does this sounds like a gmp bug, or am I
>   getting messed up with compiler versions or flags?
> No GMP bug.
> GMP deflects some of the actual printing to the corresponding libc
> printf function, and since zero padding for strings is not portable, you
> observe system-dependent behaviour.
> Torbjörn

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