For Help--Can't Find libgmp.lib

袁轶君 941201yuan at
Thu Oct 24 05:50:15 CEST 2013

Hello everyone:
     I’m new here. I compiled GMP with Cygwin in Windows8 and all was
But when I  I want to find the file”libgmp.lib”, I cant’t find it. I only
got a file named in the folder and four files named libgmp.a,, libgmp.lai, and libgmp.libcmd in /.libs . All my operations are
the same to tutoral. But why can't I cont the .lib files? Can I use these
files to take the place of libgmp.lib?
      I'm not very familiar with using Librarys. Who can help me? How
to include
a .h file and .lib file in a C++ program with the using of visual studio?
 Where do these files should be put or they can be put everywhere?
     Thanks a lot and forgive my poor English.

               TimYuan From Shanghai,P.R.China

                              2013 Oct.17th

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