Building for Android

Marc Glisse marc.glisse at
Mon Jun 17 12:08:57 CEST 2013

On Sun, 16 Jun 2013, Mike Mohr wrote:

> While attempting to compile the C++ bindings for Android, I noticed that
> localeconv is used in at least cxx/ (since it isn't supported in
> Android's libc implementation).

Yes, Android is broken, and they won't fix it :-(

> The obvious fix is pretty simple - just
> hard-code it to some value.  But it got me thinking that perhaps there
> should be a better way to turn off localization (i.e. configure reports
> that std::locale is supported when it really isn't).

That test was really about detecting pre-C++98 libraries. It wouldn't help 
here since the workaround is to use C locales...

> I'm not sure how well
> the C++ bindings will work in this situation.  Can anyone comment?  Should
> there be a configure option added to enable/disable locale support?

Probably just a configure test to detect platforms without decimal_point 
in lconv. I think the rest should work (or be fixed in the standard 

Marc Glisse

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