Proper Procedure for installing GMP on Windows/MinGW/msys/Eclipse CDT

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Wed Jul 3 19:36:46 CEST 2013

Clay Codner <claycodner at> writes:

  3) Open up an msys window (essentially a bash shell). cd ${gmp_buid} and
  tar -Jxvf ${gmp_download}/gmp-x.x.x.tar.xz
What is gmp_buid here?

  4) cd gmp-x.x.x and run ./config.guess. Write down the output. You will
  need it next.
  5) Run ./configure --prefix=${gmp_build} --build= --enable-cxx --with-gnu-ld
  Apparently if you don't explicitly tell GMP to build for your platform it
  builds everything, which is bad. The cxx option builds the C++ libraries
  and --with-gnu-ld allows it to work with ld. Pretty straightforward.
This seems very strange.  What do you mean that it "builds everything"?

And using an empty --build argument also seems strange.

  3) I have heard of bugs involving cout and the 64 bit version of eclipse,
  so I am using the 32 bit version, where I am seeing the same bug. :-)

Why bother with eclipse then, the msys command interface is very
friendly once you get accustomed!


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