mini-gmp progress

Sam Rawlins sam.rawlins at
Fri May 25 08:15:37 CEST 2012

Hi all, and Niels,

I was wondering if further progress or interest exists for mini-gmp? I am
enjoying attempting to replace the Ruby interpreter's Bignum implementation
with mini-gmp, and it is coming along nicely, but there were a few
questions I had:

* Should ruby-gmp be versioned? It's not, yet, as far as i can tell.
* mpz_mod is not included. Is this intentional? If so, can I hack together
a quick-n-dirty mpz_mod using one of the mpz_Xdiv_r variants?
* Do you have any plans to add in mpq or mpf types and methods? I would be
very interested, to the extent that I might try to just extract these
myself :P
* I don't know if you work on MPC at all, but same question above for mpc
types and methods. Also interested enough that I may try myself.

Thanks much!

Sam Rawlins

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