Numbers bigger than memory

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Wed Dec 19 08:35:19 CET 2012


Il Mar, 18 Dicembre 2012 4:23 am, Pi ha scritto:
> I was trying to compute hyperpowers, such as 8^7^6^5^4^3^2, or 7^^7, in
> order to further perform  operations such as modular arithmetic. And I've

I can suggest .

I'd not use GMP to choose which one (8^7^..., or 7^^7) is even and which
one is odd ;-)

> It would be nice that GMP could be able to use numbers larger than memory.
> Maybe using ...
> ...some fast in-memory compression algorithms.

I fear it wouldn't work for general numbers.

If the programmer knows that she can expect some redundancy in the numbers
used, she should exploit it. The library can not assume (nor verify) that
numbers can be compressed.

> ... being able to work directly with disk databases.
> or even
> ... allowing distributed computation.

It can be nice.
Do you have suggestions to obtain this goals with portable code?



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