GMP 5.0.3 release?

Dennis Clarke dclarke at
Wed Nov 23 15:55:21 CET 2011

> Dear GMP team, dear all,
> I wanted to humbly ask about the likelihood for a GMP 5.0.3 release in the
> near future. Back in July, there was an announcement mail that expressed
> that a 5.0.3 was warranted (see
> <>).
> In addition to the problem mentioned there, there is an unfortunate
> problem on Mac OS X machines leading to the GMP self tests hanging. This
> is triggered by Apple having replaced /usr/bin/gcc by llvm-gcc. This also
> has been reported (see
> <>
> and <>).
> While this may be Apple's fault, it sadly inconveniences lots of people.

However, that is an inconvenience caused by some vendor somewhere and not
the GMP project nor the GCC people. Consider, please, if you will for a
moment, that I have suffered the same issues on Solaris due to the face
that the Sun Studio compilers, version 11, 12 as well as the recent
updates to version 12.1 and even 12.2 fail miserbly at building a workable

However, GCC has no issues.

Do I blame Oracle ? Sun ? Solaris ?

Well I did briefly and then I got over it :-)

I would suggest, in fact admonish and beg upon you to simply bootstrap GCC
4.6.2 yourself and then build GMP.

You will be so much more happy and everything would work.


ps: I switched over to GCC a while back and life is good.

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