GMP 5.0.3 release?

Max Horn max at
Wed Nov 23 14:37:17 CET 2011

Dear GMP team, dear all,

I wanted to humbly ask about the likelihood for a GMP 5.0.3 release in the near future. Back in July, there was an announcement mail that expressed that a 5.0.3 was warranted (see <>).

In addition to the problem mentioned there, there is an unfortunate problem on Mac OS X machines leading to the GMP self tests hanging. This is triggered by Apple having replaced /usr/bin/gcc by llvm-gcc. This also has been reported (see <> and <>).

While this may be Apple's fault, it sadly inconveniences lots of people... OK, so I should complain to Apple (which I did). But I wouldn't bother *you* about this if this hadn't been already fixed in GMP's 5.0.x SVN branch. In fact, already back in June, see this commit:
and this related email:

Now, I know that making a release of a software package is always some hassle. But I thought I'd at least ask if there is a chance for one, as it would tremendously help some people (including me :). In particular those of us who bundle GMP with their code, and now have to explain to countless Mac OS X users how to work around this conflicts between GMP 5.0.2 and Apple's compilers. Again, I know this is not your problem, but was hoping that you might entertain the possibility of a near-term 5.0.3 release anyway. Unfortunately, I can't offer much of an incentive for that. But if there is anything I can do to help with such a release, let me know.

Best wishes,

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