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Wed Jul 20 09:48:27 CEST 2011

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> "Microsoft also publishes an Interix "Services for Unix" which can be used
> to build GMP on Windows (with a normal `./configure'), but it's not free
> software.

Is that what you're using ?
I (and I think most others) use the MinGW64 compiler and run configure in 
the msys shell (both of which *are* free).
That mix works fine.

> Okay so I look up ABI and set it to "ABI=64" and try again. Same result.

Are you using a 64-bit compiler ?
If so, try for a generic C build with ABI=64, by additionally specifying (in 
configure) --host=none-none-none .
Afaik there's no assembler routines suitable for Windows - so generic C is 
the best you can do anyway.

Other than that, it might help if we can see the config.log of the failing 
ABI=64 build and/or the config.log of the succeeding ABI=32 build. (Might be 
best to attach them in a compressed archive to reduce size.)


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