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Trent Creekmore tjones146 at
Wed Jul 20 01:07:31 CEST 2011



I am trying to make a 64 bit DLL for the Windows environment and using  the
instructions found here:


Which states: 


"Microsoft also publishes an Interix "Services for Unix" which can be used
to build GMP on Windows (with a normal `./configure'), but it's not free

MS Windows DLLs 

On systems `*-*-cygwin*', `*-*-mingw*' and `*-*-pw32*' by default GMP builds
only a static library, but a DLL can be built instead using 

          ./configure --disable-static --enable-shared"




So I am using this method and type in "./configure --disable-static



After some processing, this result is returned:


"configure: error: Oops, mp_limb_t is 32 bits, but the assembler code

in this configuration expects 64 bits.

You appear to have set $CFLAGS, perhaps you also need to tell GMP the

intended ABI, see "ABI and ISA" in the manual."


So what does "You appear to have set $CFLAGS" mean anyway? 


Okay so I look up ABI and set it to "ABI=64" and try again. Same result.

If I change ABI=32 the configuration completes successfully, but I am not
interested in a 32 bit compile.


Then looking up CLAGS in the manual under and can only find


It's not very helpful when the only mention of CFLAGS in the entire manual
is only listed here and the only listed "option" is 'whatever'

Actually I am more interested in compiling with C++/g++.


What can be done to resolve this?


Thank you









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