reading binary file content into an mpz_t variable

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I have contributed to open source projects, mainly Scintilla and Codelite. I also spent years developing an operating system that was never completed or released, but would've been open source.

Also, I am even in recent weeks trying to contribute to GMP, MPFR and sister projects, with parallel computing features, and am on my own at present still in discovery. When/if my "solution" works, I'll release it open source.

I have also tried to work with the GCC folk, only to meet a man there named Robert Dewer who, like you, has very particular and narrow views on how computing programming languages should be written, again forcing me into discovery mode to research and prove my method will work, thereby not benefitting from any of his expertise due to his narrow vision.

- Rick

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Not that Rick C Hodgin does not speak on behalf of the GMP or GNU

I am grateful to Sam and other people who help with responding to user's
questions on the GMP lists.  Asking for sources, thus indicating a
willingness to assist users, is friendly and a nice contribution to GMP.

I always find it curious when people that do not regularly contribute to
the progress of a Free Software project, have strong opinion about how
volunteers should spend their time.  Rick thinks we should guess what
problems users might have, even in cases where insufficnet information
was included in the inquiry; asking for more information is in Rick's
opionion intolerable.  Rick thinks we should provide a real-time
person-for-person manual; suggesting that people read the documentation
that comes with GMP is intolerable.

This is not Rick's first complaint along the same lines.  I have gotten
several complaints from him in private mail, and I assume other people
answering user questions on this list have made the same experience.

Please do not let Rick put you down!  Keep up the good work of helping
our users!

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