reading binary file content into an mpz_t variable

Gabriel Risterucci gabriel.risterucci at
Mon Jan 17 10:29:39 CET 2011

2011/1/17 foxmuldrster at <foxmuldrster at>

> Erick,
> I'm typing all this on my phone, and am also a relative GMP newbie, surely
> unable to answer these questions as skillfully as the others  here (should
> they ever choose to do so), but to my understanding:
> 1) Find out how many bits you'll need (file size * 8 most likely),
> 2) Initialize your GMP variable to that many bits of precision,
> 3) fread your raw file to that member variable which is the pointer (am on
> phone and do not remember its name  off the top of my head),

I'm not sure that this method is really stable regarding stability in future
GMP version, or use on different platforms...
Why can't the mpz_export() and mpz_import() function be used here ? They
seem to do exactly what's needed, from my understanding.

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