reading binary file content into an mpz_t variable

Erick Paquin info at
Mon Jan 17 00:02:58 CET 2011

Hi Everyone,

Please bear with me as my programming skills are still relatively new.

I've tried a few things but I cannot seem to do what I want.

I would basically like to read the "entire" content of a file (its
hex/binary content) into an mpz_t variable for later processing.

I've tried with both the mpz_inp_str and the mpz_inp_raw functions and when
I try to see the number of bytes read from these functions it always either
returns 0 (as if an error occurred) or it crashes the application with a
memory segmentation fault.

Actually I am not also 100% sure of how to "read" the size_t returned value
from the gmp functions (do you assign the function to an int variable and
read it?). Any help on that too would be awesome.

How would you go about in the simplest way possible read the entire content
of a file into an mpz_t variable?

I've also tried with fread which actually works but then to transfer the
content of my fread into an mpz_t variable I couldn't find how.

Any tips?


Erick P.

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