How to Build with MinGW64 on Windows 7

Laurent Rineau laurent.rineau__gmp at
Thu Dec 8 15:54:36 CET 2011

Le mardi 06 décembre 2011 22:01:53 Thomas D. Dean a écrit :
> I have mingw64 on a windows 7 64 bit system.
> I have the source gmp-5.0.2.

I have successfully built gmp-5.0.1 with mingw64 on Winows Vista, 64 bits, 
last year.

My configure command line was:

  configure --disable-static --enable-shared ABI=64 --build=x86_64-w64-mingw32

As a matter of fact, I also send a patch to the GMP team, that fixes an issue 
with the name of the .def file created during the compilation of a GMP DLL, 
but that patch was ignored. See my mail "GMP-5.0.1 with Mingw32: incorrect 
.def filename" dated "Mon, 14 Jun 2010 18:15:23 +0200" send to gmp-bugs.

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