One quadrillion digits of pi

Tsz Wo Sze szetszwo at
Wed Sep 1 01:04:29 CEST 2010

Quoted from
"...  A planned future version of GMP will allow the patient and wealthy to 
compute up to at least 1 quadrillion (1015) digits, and unlike current GMP, this 
future GMP will operate fine with operands on disk. You'll need around 4000 
high-end swap disks in order to compute 1 quintillion digits, but surely that 
will qualify you for a discount ("buy 4000, pay for 3999")."

Do you really have such plan?  I might be wrong but I think that there is a gap 
between the current (hardware) technology and being able to compute 1 
quadrillion (1015) digits of pi.  For 1 quintillion digits, it sounds impossible 
to me unless there are new major breakthroughs on either hardware or algorithms.

BTW, do you know what value is the two quadrillionth bit of Pi?


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