Building gmp 5.0.1 reports syntax errors

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Mon Oct 25 10:40:03 CEST 2010

"eric at" <eric at> writes:

  In file included from ../../gmp-5.0.1/gmp-impl.h:101:0,
                   from fib_table.c:4:
  ../gmp-mparam.h:1:1: error: expected identifier or '(' before '!' token
  ../gmp-mparam.h:1:1: error: stray '\377' in program
  ../gmp-mparam.h:1:1: error: stray '\376' in program
  ../gmp-mparam.h:1:14: warning: null character(s) ignored
  ../gmp-mparam.h:1:16: warning: null character(s) ignored

As you can see from these error message, there is someting funny with
gmp-mparam.h.  It doesn't seem to be a text file.

This is most likely a local error; GMP ships no gmp-mparam.h files with
non-text characters.


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