Query: GMP completeness testing

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Tue Jun 29 08:54:43 CEST 2010

"Chris Saunders" <evas at mountaincable.net> writes:

  I have created an Eiffel language interface to GMP.  I had a quick
  look in the manual but was unable to find anything that relates to
  other language interfaces.  My Eiffel interface is available at
  http://www.eiffelroom.org/node/442.  My Eiffel interfaces to MPFR and
  MPC are made available on there respective web sites.
  I'm not sure you would be interested (Eiffel is not very popular) but
  if so I would be happy to have it included in your documentation.  The
  interface is open source.
If you look at http://gmplib.org/manual/Language-Bindings.html and its
conventions, what would a proper entry look like?  Does the following make

@item Eiffel
@itemize @bullet
Eiffelroom @spaceuref{http://www.eiffelroom.org/node/442}
@end itemize


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