[Fwd: Re: Academic fraud and GMP]

Allan Menezes amenezes007 at sympatico.ca
Mon Oct 12 23:52:25 CEST 2009

Dear Torbjorn,
    I have used GMP for my academic work but I have not published 
anything yet. Just to be academically correct and not steal any ones 
ideas I would like your advice on the following.
I have written number theory code using algorithms i developed on my own 
but used large integer multiplication and powering and modulus and the 
gmp probabilistic primality test and run it on a cluster for several months.
In my my research paper which is incomplete as yet I state that I use 
GNU GMP in code that I have wriiten and the results of which i have put 
in my document which is not officially published.
  I would to ask you how I would document in the Referenec section of 
my document the above stated usage of gmp code library to be 
academically correct as per your email below?
Thank you very much,
Best wishes,
Allan MeneZes
PS My email client on my computer in which i mispelled the domain as sympatica instead of sympatico was wrong. I corrected it and am resending this email. Sorry about the spam!
Torbjorn Granlund wrote:

>Dear GMP users and developers,
>It has come to my attention that several research results related to GMP
>as well as GMP itself are being claimed by people that has not been
>involved in the original research.
>A fundamental ethical obligation for everybody is to give due credit.
>But for a researcher, this obligation is not simply about ethics, it is
>fundamental to our career and our reputation as credible researchers.
>It is also fundamental to get proper credit for your work, as citations
>are used in research evaluations.
>GMP is released under a Free Software license which gives rights for
>people to disseminate the code, modify it, etc, and then pass on the
>resulting sources under a compatible license.  There is no clause about
>giving credit, except that those receiving the original work or any form
>of derived work must be told their rights.
>This does not mean that a researcher does not have obligations about
>giving credit.  GMP's license is a completely orthogonal issue.
>I would like to ask GMP users and developers to help the GMP project to
>find examples where people in a research context use GMP or code derived
>from GMP without giving due credit, or even claim or imply they wrote
>GMP themselves.  Please also tell us about legal abuses that you
>suspect.  You don't need to be sure there is a problem before you mail
>us, we will evaluate each case which we are told about.
>Do not send the information to a public mailing list.  Please send it to
>me, privately, using tg at gmplib.org.  If you save evidence of the
>problem, that might also be useful.
>Thanks for your help!

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