Low-level logical functions?

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Sat Nov 7 15:13:09 CET 2009

Barukh Ziv <barukh.ziv at gmail.com> writes:

  I have being using GMP library for over half a year now, and I am really
  satisfied with it, to say the least. I have found almost everything needed
  there, and the speed is really impressive.

  Recently, I have encountered something that I would like to use in the
  library, but didn't find it: the low-level functions (mpn_) do not seem to
  include the logical operations and, or, and xor. As a use case for such
  operations, I have the following example: efficient arithmetic over binary
  fields GF(2^m).
There are mpn functions for all 8 non-trivial logical operations (and,
or, xor, nand, nor, xnor, andn, orn) but unfortunately, they are
marked as internal.

I see very little reason for keeping them as internal.  I'll make them
public for GMP 4.4.


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