Off Topic: Looking for an email address for an MPFR discussiongroup

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Fri Mar 20 01:40:59 CET 2009

Thanks to Vincent and all others who replied to the original message. 
Unfortunately, I suffer from sugar diabetes and have been having a problem 
with my blood sugar going too low.  I've been having this problem since last 
evening and was woken up by paramedics today.  While composing this email I 
had to stop and eat something as my blood sugar was going too low again. 
Anyway, the point is that one's brain doesn't function properly when your 
blood sugar gets too low - I won't go into the details.

I want to thank all who responded - I'm surprised I didn't get any rude 
ones.  This speaks well of the list members.

Chris Saunders

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> On 2009-03-19 02:10:31 -0400, Chris Saunders wrote:
>> I did try google first but that was unsuccessful. I'm looking for a
>> mailing list for discussing MPFR - none is mentioned at there home
>> site.
> The "MPFR Links" section (first section) says:
> External links on MPFR:
>    * Try MPFR online, thanks to Tomonori Kouya.
>    * Mailing-list.
>      ^^^^^^^^^^^^
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