GMP lib in embedded environments

Michał spock2 at
Thu Mar 12 12:09:09 CET 2009


I am considering using GMP library as a base for ECC (elliptic curve 
cryptography) implementation in embedded environments. I am very new to 
this library and because of that I have a few very basic questions.

I have read that GMP lib supports ARM architecture. But I actually 
couldn’t find on exactly which microcontrollers it was ran successfully. 
I am especially interested in ARM7 chips e.g. AT91SAM7X256. Is it 
possible to compile and run GMP lib for this microcontroller?

Another question regards using GMP lib on much less efficient 
architectures e.g. AVR. I know that GMP lib doesn`t have special support 
for AVR. But still C build of the library is possible. Does anyone have 
some experience in using GMP lib on AVR microcontrollers? Is it possible 
to use "clear C" build of the library on architectures that does not 
have a lot of RAM (e.g. on avr 4KB)?

Kind Regards
Michal M.

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