optimal order for long product

Will Galway galway at math.uiuc.edu
Fri Mar 6 17:37:32 CET 2009

In answer to Keith's other question about a search facility for the 
gmp-discuss archives, the best I know of is a Google search for

  site:gmplib.org gmp-discuss search-terms-of-your-choice

Perhaps Torbjorn, or some other developer, can provide a more "friendly" 
search facility on the gmplib website.  (I'm sure they have lots of time 
to spare for such projects!;-)

-- Regards, Will

keith.briggs at bt.com wrote:
> For the problem of finding the mpz_t product of many (perhaps >10^6) unsigned long ints (using mpz_mul_ui),
> is it known what is the optimal order in which to multiply?  Smallest first, largest first, or some other order?
> Keith
> PS: is there no search facility for the gmp-discuss archives?
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