Compile time floating point exception

Marc Glisse marc.glisse at
Thu Mar 5 10:15:03 CET 2009

On Tue, 27 Jan 2009, Dennis Clarke wrote:

> I'm trying to compile libgmp with some degree of optimization flags given
> to the compiler. I repeatedly hit this message during "make check" :
> "t-modlinv.c", [all]:ube: error: SIGNAL: Compile time floating point
> exception
> cc: ube failed for ../../gmp-4.2.4/tests/t-modlinv.c
> $ cc -V
> cc: Sun C 5.9 SunOS_i386 Patch 124868-08 2008/11/25
> usage: cc [ options] files.  Use 'cc -flags' for details
> $ echo $CFLAGS
> -fsimple=0 -xO5 -Xa -xtarget=opteron -m64 -Kpic

The compiler fails when trying to optimize the following code for some 64 
bit targets:

extern void g(void);

void f (void)
         unsigned long n=1;
         do {
                 n += 2;
         } while (n != 1);

I have reported this to Sun. You can ignore this error in make check, it 
does not affect the gmp library.

Marc Glisse

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