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Chris Saunders evas at
Wed Jun 17 22:59:39 CEST 2009

To build the library for use with VS2008 the easiest method I know is to use 
MinGW and MSYS.  If you are not familiar with these tools use Google to find 
out.  If you are familiar with Linux you will fine building the library 
using MSYS very straightforward.

Chris Saunders

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Subject: Total Newbie question

> Hi, I've recently found out about GMP and want to use it in my programs.
> I'm a HS student, with barely 1 semester of learning C++, so you might 
> understand how bad I am at understanding all the technical stuff of 
> programming ( makefiles, libraries, linkers, all puzzle me).
> At this point, I have been through pages and pages of "guides" telling me 
> how to get GMP installed on MS Visual Studio 2008, the IDE I use.
> But those guides make the assumption that I know all about makefiles etc., 
> which I absolutely do not.
> Is there an easy, step-by-step way of doing this? Or is there a suitable 
> place to ask (if I shouldn't be asking it here)?
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