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>I have checked the manual at:
> and if my questions are there, I couldn't find them.
> I am totally new to this type of environment.  I am a Windows user (no
> screams please<G>) and have installed Cygwin.
> I think that my install went OK, but I have two questions.
> 1) When I ran '
>  make check
> I saw lots of messages, including some "n n-number of tests passed"
> messages.  However, at the end there was no final "all passed" or "some
> tests failed" message.  If I don't see any "final" at the end, does this
> mean that the whole thing passed?

Then just run 'make install'.

> or do I need to some how capture all the
> messages and look for any specific "fail" messages?

Not necessary, assuming you ran simply 'make check'.
If you want to be able to peruse the entire 'make check' output, then one 
way is to run 'make check >output.txt 2>&1'.

> 2) What I am EVENTUALLY going to be using this for is OpenCOBOL.  See:
> (again, no scrams, please).  In their installation instructions at, they
> have the following text,
>  "For all the following packages (required or optional),
> BOTH runtime AND development components are necessary."
> I haven't been able to find anything in the gmplib information on how to 
> get
> the "development components".

I couldn't find the installation instructions you quoted (did you forget to 
include the link ?), so I'm missing a bit of the context.

When you download the GMP source, what you get is what you get - there's 
nothing else.
I've seen Windows (binary) packages that provide simply a dll (no header 
file), with an optional "devel" package that also provides the header file 
(and usually an import lib as well). So I'm guessing they're telling you 
that you'll need gmp.h as well as the gmp dll (or libgmp.a if you built a 
static lib). If that's in fact what they're telling you, then you're right 
to go, since you've already built both the "runtime" (library) and 
"development" (header file) components of GMP.

See how it goes - any errors that you get will hopefully make things 


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