Newbie questions

Bill Klein wmklein at
Tue Jan 27 16:05:21 CET 2009

I have checked the manual at:
and if my questions are there, I couldn't find them.

I am totally new to this type of environment.  I am a Windows user (no
screams please<G>) and have installed Cygwin.

I think that my install went OK, but I have two questions.

1) When I ran '
  make check
I saw lots of messages, including some "n n-number of tests passed"
messages.  However, at the end there was no final "all passed" or "some
tests failed" message.  If I don't see any "final" at the end, does this
mean that the whole thing passed?  or do I need to some how capture all the
messages and look for any specific "fail" messages?

2) What I am EVENTUALLY going to be using this for is OpenCOBOL.  See:
(again, no scrams, please).  In their installation instructions at, they
have the following text,
  "For all the following packages (required or optional), 
	BOTH runtime AND development components are necessary."

I haven't been able to find anything in the gmplib information on how to get
the "development components".  Does this mean that I get them automatically,
or what do I need to do (besides the basic install) to get them?


Thanks in advance and sorry if these questions are already answered

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