GMP 4.3.0 released

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Wed Apr 15 20:32:56 CEST 2009

Roberto Bagnara <bagnara at> writes:

  >   Speedups:
  >   * Vastly improved assembly code for x86-64 processors from AMD and Intel.
  I have run a couple of application programs based on the Parma Polyhedra
  Library (PPL), which heavily depends on GMP.  On an AMD Opteron 2384 "Shanghai"
  I got the following running times (best run out of 10):
          Application A                   Application B
      GMP 4.2.4    GMP 4.3.0          GMP 4.2.4    GMP 4.3.0
        238 s        187 s              34.2 s       34.8 s
  On an Intel Core2 Q9400, instead, I got:
          Application A                   Application B
      GMP 4.2.4    GMP 4.3.0          GMP 4.2.4    GMP 4.3.0
        339 s        213 s              29.8 s       28.9 s
You get less speedup than I expect to be typical (and a very slight
slowdown in one case).

I am curious what GMP operations application B performs.  Profile runs
for both GMP versions would be helpful.

  >   Misc:
  >   * The gmp_version variable now always contains three parts.  For this
  >     release, it is "4.3.0".
  Aaargh!  This broke our GMP detection procedure.  Moreover,
  PPL 0.10.1 was released only a few hours before the release of
  GMP 4.3.0.  I guess now we have no choice but release PPL 0.10.2
  with a revised GMP detection procedure.

I am sorry about that!  I think version GMP detection will be simpler
with the new scheme, but this slight incompatibility will bite during a
transitional period.
  Was a release candidate made available and announced somewhere?

No, we did only internal testing this time, since our testing has been
much extended.


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