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Estimated friends:
46137349^22             =  odd
(2*46137349)^22        = couple
(2*46137349+1)^22    =  odd
46137349^22+(2*46137349)^22-(2*46137349+1)^22 =  couple
39094813695689518101749257496187234787043775391310211936538046425801  =  odd
The result must be couple and negative.
Best Regards.
Rodolfo Merino Rosas

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rodolfo merino <rmr45472 at yahoo.es> writes:

  Estimated friends:
  I use the web, http://gmplib.org/, (Demo 1 -- Integer expressions).
  I evalue the expression:
  The result was:
  Nevertheless the real result is:
  Negative and couple.
Sorry, I don't understand.

I checked your expression with the demo and the results sure looks
right to me.

If you think there is something wrong, please specify what result you
get and what you expect.


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