Building a Windows LIB

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Sun Oct 5 01:15:04 CEST 2008

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> Where do I find the .def file?

The def file is just a plain text file, and it's not all that hard to create 
manually - though there may be a smarter and easier way.

On the first line of the def file is the single word EXPORTS.
Below that you place a list of the names of all of the functions that the 
dll exports (one function name per line).
To obtain that list just run:
dumpbin /EXPORTS libgmp-3.dll >exports.txt

Then open exports.txt and copy'n'paste the list of functions it contains 
into the def file. (The 'dumpbin' utility comes with your Microsoft 

Despite being a little kludgey, I think that works ok - though it's a while 
since I've tried it.


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