GMP license problem, anyone?

NightStrike nightstrike at
Fri May 30 09:49:11 CEST 2008

On 5/29/08, Torbjorn Granlund <tg at> wrote:
>  2) So far the GMP project has refused to accept patches which will
>  allow GMP to build under [insert proprietry OS and compiler here].
> This is X fork propaganda.  Your statement (made elsewhere) to "Make
> GMP build under Foo OS" doesn't perhaps say the "official" GMP doesn't
> build there, but it surely tries to gove the reader such an
> impression.
> I have rejected "project" files for Microsoft's IDE, but that doesn't
> mean GMP doesn't build under Windoze.

For the record, I have been trying to get patches accepted for GMP to
support Win64.  I am on the team that is porting GCC to Win64, and GCC
requires GMP.  But GMP won't support Win64, which causes a problem.
Until GMP supports Win64 (if ever), GCC on Win64 becomes extremely
difficult, and at best we can just maintain local patches to GMP.

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