Rev. Chris Korda victimofleisure at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 17:42:50 CEST 2008

ROTFL! This is really outrageous! :) I had no idea this list would be so
entertaining. Sorry I know this is a serious matter etc. but if you step
back a bit some very funny things have been said on both sides. My two cents
as a fellow developer of free software: GMP is awesome. TG and the other
core members deserve R E S P E C T. Even if they retire tomorrow and never
code again they're still heroes. They are definitely not obliged to port GMP
to [your favorite appliance here], and the more you shout at them the less
they will want to help you. Even if it's true that they aren't interested in
Windows, so what? Brian and maybe others will come up with a satisfactory
solution, or not. The point is that we should think of GMP as a GIFT,
because that's what it is: a gift of many years of very hard work, made to
the entire community of software developers and mathematicians and anyone
else who benefits from GMP. When someone gives you nice gift, do you kick
them and say "it's not enough, why don't you give me this and this and this
too"? If so, I think you will stop receiving gifts pretty soon.

-chris korda

>>>zealot := person who does not want to interact with Windows.
>>Can we add to the definition those nasty folks who do not care about
>>coffee machine?

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