GMP license problem, anyone?

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Sun Jun 1 15:11:05 CEST 2008

"Bill Hart" <goodwillhart at> writes:

  Yes, tightly controlling code can lead to high quality code. I concede
  that point. GMP code is also some of the most carefully written,
  efficient, uniform and well written code I have seen.
  I am truly thankful for your outstanding contributions in this regard.
  I think I also made this point before.
The generous Bill!  And this is written just a few hours after the
most libelous letter, about my many sue threats and whatnot.

  As for the rest, well I think it is time we all just got on and did
  our work.  Let's put the whole thing to one side.  We've both had
  some things to say about each other and it is time to call a truce
  and see how we can best get on with the business of benefitting the
  mathematical and computational communities.

First you lie through your teeth in many letters, and then you put up
a straight face and suggest all is fine.  You should become a
  It is my fervent hope that our two projects can be complementary and
  that our project can fill a niche, just as yours does. The reason I
  replied to the licensing question in the first place was because I
  hoped for the freer flow of code and ideas between the two projects.
This is truly touching.

Funny, in a fairly friendly private letter a few days before your
attack, you say that you would never contribute code to GMP.


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