Could we agree to disagree and come together onimprovementsandclean-up?

Sisyphus sisyphus1 at
Sun Jun 1 02:34:58 CEST 2008

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From: "Patrick Pelissier" <patrick.pelissier at>
> If I have understood the point of the MinGW64 project, it is that GCC 
> 4.3.x
> requires GMP and MPFR (See )
> to build GCC:
> GCC uses GMP for constant folding.
> So a static generic version of GMP is enough for GCC needs.
> That's my point, and that's all I am talking about.
> It has nothing to do with the performance of any GMP on any OS.
> It seems to me that we don't talk about the same thing at all..

Yes - we were talking about different things. (You were talking about the 
GMP that's needed to build GCC - I was thinking about the GMP that can be 
built using GCC.)
I now understand your point.


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