GMP license problem, anyone?

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Sun Jun 1 00:07:18 CEST 2008

"Bill Hart" <goodwillhart at> writes:

  I didn't ask whether you had asked for large sums of money to do
  targetted development of GMP. I asked if you had asked for a large sum
  of money to merge a patch. You could answer:
  1) No.
  2) I was joking around with the guy and he took it the wrong way.
  3) His patch required an extraordinary amount of work to merge and
  would have taken many months to do.
  4) I particularly didn't want that patch in GMP, and the amount I
  asked for was a measure of how much I didn't want it.
  5) Someone else indicated to me that the amount I asked was what they
  would offer for a similar job, so that was what it was worth to me.
  6) The guy was pushy and wanted it done by a certain time and it would
  effectively cost me that much.
  7) I would potentially lose a large contract if I merged that patch,
  and that was the amount I would lose.
  8) etc.
  ....any one of which would be a perfectly reasonable answer in my opinion.
Why ask, when you have one friend, sorry 3 friends, no 10 friends from
whom I have asked large sums of money for applying patches, and then I
threatened to sue the lot, and their friends, families, and relatives.
And these are facts, real Bill-facts, extra factual facts indeed.

  Your own terse responses are on record on your own list and in the
  offlist flames we have received by email from you. You've threatened
  to sue at least three people I know who have tried to contribute to
  the project or interact with you about it in good faith.
All factual super-facts!

  And I am telling you that at least one person I know told me you asked
  them for money for merging a patch. Clearly not everything I've been
  told is true.

Oh no, your little friends are sometimes lying to you?  Bad, bad,

  I was told this, that is a fact, [snip]

You should add that when you say it is a fact, you're not lying, so
that the readers know you're sticking to facts and nothing but facts.

Don't miss tomorrow's chapter in Bill's story!  What will I have done,
according to the little friends of Bill's, next?  People want the true

Bill Calvin Hart with one of his friends:


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