Windows Binaries for GMP 4.2.2

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Sat Sep 22 19:37:22 CEST 2007

Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> On 2007-09-21 01:44:48 +0200, Michael Abshoff wrote:
>> [begin license text]
>> Licensing of Windows Builds of GMP and MPFR using Microsoft Visual
>> Studio
>> 2005
> [...]
>> =============================================
>> The following list provides the details of the components on which this
>> distribution depends (they are not distributed with this package and
>> must be obtained separately if needed).
>> 1.  GMP
>> -------
>>     License:            LGPL 3
>>     Source Web Site:
>> 2.  MPFR
>> --------
>>     License:            LGPL 2.1
>>     Source Web Site:
> GMP is distributed under LGPL v3 *or later*, and MPFR is distributed
> under LGPL v2.1 *or later*. As an MPFR build contains bits of GMP
> (from gmp.h, whose license is LGPL v3+, due to macros, in particular
> mpn inlines) and LGPL v2.1 and LGPL v3 are incompatible, this implies
> that an MPFR library that was built against GMP 4.2.2 can only be
> distributed under LGPL v3 or later.


one more update: Brian has send me updated archives for MPFR, but Torbjörn
has raised some other issues off-list (so I won't discuss them here; I am
sure he would have CCed the list if he felt it was needed). Consequently
download has been disabled again. There two scenarios to go from here:

a) All those issues are resolved and everybody involved (Torbjörn for GMP,
Vincent for MPFR and Brian for his work) is satisfied with the license of
Brian's code in which case I will reenable them
b) If those issues aren't resolved soon (say 2 days from now) I will also
delete the binaries from the server. This doesn't mean that I won't host
them down the road again, but not without (a) happening first.

I have no idea how long this will take, but I prefer abiding to the
license terms of GMP & MPFR, so this is the only way to go for me. You can
still download the code from Brian's website and build the code yourself.



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