MSVC does "Clean builds"

Jim White mathimagics at
Thu Sep 20 12:43:46 CEST 2007

On Thursday 20 September 2007 04:50, Michael Abshoff
> The gmp archives from Brian are not statically
> linked against the C or C++ runtime of MSVC either. 

> I am not even sure that you can do that, but it 
> certainly isn't the default linking mode.

That's right.  Static libraries are used extremely
rarely -  MS do still provide static versions of the C
runtime lib, and you can do a custom link with those
instead of the regular DLL versions, but I have never
heard of anybody using them!

By default, all MS  SDK's, including MSVC, produce a
"clean" executable, ie one linked with dynamic runtime
libs, including of course the C runtime libs in

As I understand the licencing issue, this means that a
GMP library built under MSVC is no different to one
built with MinGW/gcc, or for that matter, any GMP
built on a real system! ;-)


Jim White

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