Windows Binaries for GMP 4.2.2

Alexey Beshenov bav.272304 at
Thu Sep 20 02:23:56 CEST 2007

On Thursday 20 September 2007 03:54, Michael Abshoff wrote:

>> And I think that it's better to include a note that these binaries could
>> not be used in free software since they were built with Microsoft Visual
>> Studio C/C++ libraries.

> Well, that is clearly wrong. You can compile GPLed/LGPLed software with
> the Microsoft compiler, there is no difference to using a compiler like
> gcc. Many pieces of Open Source do not compile with MSVC, but that is a
> completely different subject. If you mean that you cannot link those
> libraries against some code compiled under Cygwin [without jumping through
> hoops for C, next to impossible to link against anything C++] then you are
> correct.

GNU C/C++ libraries from the GCC are LGPL'ed and Microsoft libraries are not. 
I mean legal problems with distributing GNU GPL software as statically linked 
binaries (and not distributing any Open Source). As for *dynamically linking* 
with the Visual C++ run-time, it is permitted under the GPL.

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