Question on using GMP built with Cygwin

Michael Abshoff Michael.Abshoff at
Wed Sep 12 05:49:31 CEST 2007

Chris Saunders wrote:


> I just got a new computer and I'm running Vista 64 bit.  I used to build
> using MSYS, but it does not run on my system so I'm building GMP using
> Cygwin.  I've heard something about having to put cygwin1.dll in the same
> directory as any application using the GMP library.  Could someone clarify
> for me if this is true

Well, that dll has to be in %PATH% somewhere or alternatively in the same
directory if you invoke the resulting program via cmd.exe or by double
clicking, i.e. not in the cygwin environment. Compiling your application
with one Cygwin release and using a different cygwin DLL on another
machine can also be quite troublesome.

> and perhaps let me know about anything else I may
> need to be aware of to use GMP built this way.

It is 32 bits only and you need to abide by the GPL if you intent to
distribute some resulting binary because the cygwin runtime is released
under the GPL. There is a commercial license for Cygwin, but I think they
are rather pricey.

> Regards
> Chris Saunders



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