GMP on x86_64 Interix

Jerker Bäck jerker.back at
Tue Oct 23 15:52:45 CEST 2007

Greetings all,

I tried to run configure on Interix but it exits with a message:
"configure: error: Cannot determine text section directive"

$ uname -a
Interix max 6.0 10.0.6000.0 EM64T Intel_EM64T_Family_15_Model_6_Stepping_5

Vista x64 NT POSIX subsystem (SUA) with Interix x64 SDK 6.0
Interix ksh, GNU make 3.81, GNU m4 1.4.8
CC=cc (shell script wrapper of MS x64 compiler giving LP64, unix cc syntax

As I understand, configure is trying to figure out how to invoke an
assembler, right? cc doesn't support .s or .asm files so I need to assign
another tool. The command looks like this:


Any suggestions or solutions of this?

There is no working x64 GNU as for Interix. I have yasm compiled for Interix
- syntax? 
I would prefer using ml64.exe if it is possible to use.

Since Interix is using a BSD style LIBC, I would at least need a proper
config.h. The actual build can then be done by makefiles or in Visual Studio
using some of Brian Gladman's solutions.

Jerker Bäck

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