GMP Libraries in Windows XP

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Subject: GMP Libraries in Windows XP

I've searched the net and the faq pages, but have not been able to find a 
way to produce version of libgmp that I can use or link to in my compiler 
Is there any way to get a windows compatible library for gmp, and if so, 


I don't know anything about the Metrowerks compiler - and I don't know of 
any instructions that tell you how to build GMP using that compiler.

For more usual methods of building GMP on Windows see: a nutshell - you would install the freely available MinGW compiler (theWin32 port of gcc) and the freely available MSYS shell.Then, in the MSYS shell, cd to the top level GMP-4.2.2 source directory andrun:./configuremakemake checkmake install(I don't know if/how the library built that way could then be used by theMetrowerks compiler. But it definitely provides a libgmp that can be usedwith the MinGW compiler in either the MSYS or cmd.exe shell.)If you have access to Visual Studio 2005, you could build as per theinstructions at: again, I don't know if/how the library built that way could be used bythe Metrowerks compiler.)Cheers,Rob

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