using GMP 4.2.1 with VC++ 6

George sirinxyz at
Wed Jul 25 14:48:11 CEST 2007

i am using VC++ 6 with gmp 4.1.2 static library which i had downloaded  long time ago from
it is working well, it contains the gmp.h and gmp.lib and gmpDebug.lib files 
but i need to upgrade to the last version of gmp 4.2.1 so i have downloaded a precompiled libgmp-3.dll and libgmp-3.dll.def from :
  i have made the libgmp.lib from the dll ,using 
LIB /def:LIBGMP-3.dll.DEF /out:LIBGMP-3.LIB
  and downloaded gmp.h from the same site
 but when i am trying to compile any program in VC++ 6 it issues an error message "gmp.h(515) : error C2039: 'FILE' : is not a member of 'std' "
also i have tried to use Impdef.exe to make the libgmp-3.dll.def but also the same errors.
are there someone who are using VC++ 6 with the latest version of gmp 4.2.1
  how can i  run the the latest gmp version on VC++ 6

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