Multiplication of 2 numbers with billions of digits

goregod Johnny.89 at
Mon Jan 15 06:29:38 CET 2007


i´m starting to work with gmp. the installation was the first problem. i
work with a windows system and visual studio 2005. i downloaded and unpacked
the source and copy a windows patch to it. the patch included the gmp.h and
gmp.lib, gmpdebug.lib. i didn´t precompile the programm.

i was able to include the gmp.h and define the mpz_t variables. by using
mpz_init2(..) i had the first problem. the programm didn´t find the
libc.lib. ignore the linker or change the runtime settings didn´t work. so i
changed to the dynamic patch with dll files. now it works. i hope there was
no fault.

now my problem:

i want to multiply 2 numbers with 2 billion digets. the mpz_t variables are
bigints who cant handle this. 

how must i formate the input to do this. are there no-limit variables? which
methods must i use? which format has the output?

i hope you can help me.

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