Is there a platform optimized version of gmp for INTEL?

Michael comtech.usa at
Mon Jan 1 23:13:44 CET 2007

Does anybody have a statistic about how much performance is gained by using
Intel Compiler and Intel tools, than MSVS 2005?

Also if I pay big bucks and hire some experts to rewrite some portions of
the GMP and MPFR (only a small portion that is related to my project, to
make the whole thing manageable) in a Intel platform optimized Assembly
language. Will that improve speed a lot?

Please shed some lights on me!  Thanks a lot

On 12/31/06, Patrick Pelissier <patrick.pelissier at> wrote:
> > I am wondering if there is a platform optimized version of gmp for the
> Intel
> > architecture? I am using MS Visual Studio 2005. Has anybody tried to
> compile
> > GMP using Intel compiler?
> Yes
> > Will the performance improve a lot than using MS
> > Visual Studio 2005?
> No
> > I desparately need to reduce the run time of my program.
> > Are there faster implementation of the GMP library or multiple precision
> > library?
> No
> --
> Patrick Pelisiser
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