precompiled gmpxx on windows

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Sat Apr 21 23:28:16 CEST 2007

I've downlaoded from deltatrinity site, these files:


I've linked it in my C/C++ editor and all gmp functions works fine!
but I've problems with C++ class interface;
that is, this code works fine:

int main(){

mpz_class a,b,c;
a= 124;
b = 200;
c = 30;
a = b+c;

cout<<"Hello world!"<<endl;

return 0;

but if I write cout<< a <<endl;
I receive an undefined reference error;

Must I have also the libgmpxx.dll library?
In this case how must I do to download it?

I've tried to compile latest gmp source package through msys and mingw, but
after configure execution, when I run make, I receive always 2 errors like

../libtool fork: Permission denied

I use configure in this way:
./configure --prefix=/c/gmp --disable-static --enable-shared

Please help me.
I doesn't manage in going on.

Thank you in advance.

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