Native Windows Binaries for GMP-4.2.1

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>I downloaded and and have a couple of
> questions.
> 1. Is the gmp_gcwin32_lib one the generic C build.

This is the generic C, win32, static library version.

GC stands for generic C, the rest, I hope, being fairly obvious.

The MPFR files are here:

I used to put these all in one DLL/LIB but they are now separate.

> 2. In the readme-vc8.txt file there is mention of mpfr but no mpfr files 
> are
> included in either archive.  Should they be?

My intention is to offer them separately from now on.

I am in the process of updating the build projects to reflect these changes 
so the documentation will be a bit out of date right now.

     Brian Gladman

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