Windows Vista 64 builds of GMP-4..2.1, MPFR-2.2.1

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Tue Apr 3 12:15:54 CEST 2007

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Subject: Windows Vista 64 builds of GMP-4..2.1, MPFR-2.2.1

> Hi,
> Does anyone provide Windows 64-bit versions of GMP and/or MPFR libraries ?
> I know Brian Gladman provides the makings, along with instructions - but I
> couldn't get it to happen using the free version of VC 8. Clicking on the
> 'gmp.sln' file did result in opening up the VC 8 gui ... quickly followed 
> by
> a series of pop-ups telling me (repeatedly) things like  "Solution folders
> are not supported in this version of Visual Studio", and "The project
> consists entirely of configurations that require support for platforms 
> which
> are not installed on this machine. The project cannot be loaded".

Hi Rob

The free version of VC8 does not provide the tools for building 64-bit 
products and doesn't support the folder structure I use for building GMP 
with the full Visual Studio 2005 product.

I don't know about the first of these decisions but the latter is 
'braindead' on the part of Microsoft because it means that a lot of VC++ 
build projects for open source products are now unavailable to many 
potential users.  Worse still, the conversion of VC8 build projects to those 
needed by VC8 Express is not easy and is very error prone, which forces 
myself and others to either not support VC++ Express builds or otherwise 
maintain two complex buid projects where one ought to be sufficient.  It's 
not all bad news, however, since Microsoft have learnt something from the 
Gnu/Linux/Unix community in that they have now made a good command shell 
(Windows Powershell) available on XP and Vista. This can do some quite 
powerful scripting and may make it possible to convert VC++ build projects 
to those needed by VC++ Express.  I will look at this possibility when I 
have sufficient experience with PowerShell use.

In the meantime, if you email me privately I will see if I can meet your 
specific needs on x64 (my 64-bit builds are for AMD64 right now)

    best regards to all,

          Brian Gladman

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