GMP language change

Chris Saunders evas at
Mon Apr 2 14:44:43 CEST 2007

Being unilingual and English speaking this is a disappointment.  Just one
question - will there be an English web site available?  I had a look at the
new site and couldn't even figure out how to download GMP.

Chris Saunders

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(English version follow)

Aussi, dhs maintenant, tout support par courrier ilectronique aura pour 
requis djtre icrit uniquement en Frangais.  Afin de rendre cette 
transissions moins pinible, il y aura une piriode dun mois durant laquelle 
le support sera permit en Frangais et en Anglais (Avec support en Frangais 
itant un minimum requis), mais il est itablis quaprhs la fin de ce mois, 
tout messages sera requis djtre icrit uniquement en Frangais.

Afin daider ` faire respecter cette politique, un agent automatisi filtrera

chaque messages qui ne se conformera pas ` cette rhgle.

Jesphre que cela rendra cette transition la plus facile possible.




Also, as of now, all mail support will also require to be written solely in 
French.  To make the transition less painful, there will be a one month 
adaptation period in which the mailing list support will be allowed to be 
written in both French and English (French being a mandatory requirement), 
but it is to be understood that after the end of this month, every message 
will require to be written solely in French.

To help enforce this policy, an automated mail agent will filter out every 
messages not conforming to this rule.

I hope that this will help the transition to be as painless as possible.



>From: Jarl Bong-Rundtvrn <jarl at>
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>Subject: GMP language change
>Date: 01 Apr 2007 18:38:41 +0200
>There has been major problems getting funding for GMP development during
>the last years, but today the GMP team has finally signed a long-term
>development support contract with the French state's research agency
>The contract will allow much wanted development of GMP, with much
>effort in writing Bull assembly code not only for the most critical
>operations, but also for the ones less used.
>The only negative aspect of this deal is that we will have to write
>documentation in French instead of in English (the GMP web pages has
>already been translated) and that some library calls will change.  The
>list is not complete yet, but mpz_sub will become mpz_sous, mpz_sub_ui
>will be mpz_sous_ui, etc.  Don't worry about any incompatibilities--We're
>in talks with google about extending their translation tools to include
>GMP source code translation from English to French.
>Jarl Bong-Rundtvrn
>CFO, Swox AB
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