GMP language change

Jarl Bong-Rundtörn jarl at
Sun Apr 1 18:38:41 CEST 2007

There has been major problems getting funding for GMP development during
the last years, but today the GMP team has finally signed a long-term
development support contract with the French state's research agency

The contract will allow much wanted development of GMP, with much
effort in writing Bull assembly code not only for the most critical
operations, but also for the ones less used.

The only negative aspect of this deal is that we will have to write
documentation in French instead of in English (the GMP web pages has
already been translated) and that some library calls will change.  The
list is not complete yet, but mpz_sub will become mpz_sous, mpz_sub_ui
will be mpz_sous_ui, etc.  Don't worry about any incompatibilities--We're
in talks with google about extending their translation tools to include
GMP source code translation from English to French.

Jarl Bong-Rundtörn
CFO, Swox AB

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