wanted: support for aggregated patch

Juergen Bullinger juergen.bullinger at gmx.net
Tue Oct 31 22:24:04 CET 2006

Hi all,

I would like to build an aggregated patch for gmp 4.2.1 including the
latest improvements from the tid bit pages and other sources, like I did
for gmp 4.1.4.
Because I am not so familiar with make and building libraries I ran into
some problems. The first question (20. septenber) to this mailing list
resulted in more polemic answers by someone on this list and I
understand that the original maintainers of GMP don't have the time to
support all the people using GMP.

So if somebody feels like I do which is that GMP is a great piece of
software and also wants to have the best performance possible and wants
to help building a patch they are very welcome!

Also if someone of you has done their own improvements and want's to
share them, please let me know.

Sometimes I feel like the original maintainers don't even think about
including code of other people. I also suggested an improvement some
months ago. It wasn't included in the software even though it was well
tested and had clear benefits. I know some other case where improvements
on gmp simply have been ignored. So if you have some improvements,
please let me know. Sometimes there are reasons why they shouldn't go in
the offical release, but in my opinion users should have the choice to
use them anyway.

Kind regards

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