Problems with __gmpn_add_nc and __gmpn_sub_nc

Torbjorn Granlund tege at
Fri May 12 17:22:51 CEST 2006

"Alan McFarlane" <alan.mcfarlane at> writes:

  I recently picked up the latest port of gmp 4.2.1 (under FreeBSD
  6.0-ReleaseAMD64), and having apparently successfully installed the
  library, I discovered that none of my simple applications would link
  - I continually get the errors: undefined reference to '__gmpn_add_nc' undefined reference to '__gmpn_sub_nc'
  I attempted to compile and link the isprime demo by:
  $ cd demos
  $ make isprime
  but got the same error.
  I've done some searching on the web and found a couple of sites which have
  the entire dump of the config.status file, but I have not been able to
  assertain what the error may be.
  Any thoughts?

If you are using an unmodified gmp-4.1.2, please report this as a bug,
as described in the GMP manual:

If you're using a GMP patches by FreeBSD's ports collection,
you should report this to FreeBSD.


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